Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY

London 3

6pm – 10.30pm

George Watson, 15 mins
Jodie is forced to reveal a dark secret to her husband.

I Am Who?
Marcus Jones, 6 mins
Jahnoi Cranston looked within to find the answer to this question.

Happy Place
Sawan Nair, 6 mins
Sam brings happiness to his mother who has been a recluse.

When The Pile Is Crooked…
Shaneika Johson-Simms, 8 mins
An overworked mother with a distant husband, autistic son, and neglected teenage daughter.

Dreams Of Gold
Jessica Elisa Boyd, 20 mins
A young girl is transported from her mundane world in a magic dress shop.

Lines That Divide
Abi Lawal, 10 mins
Two brothers are united by their love for athletics but are separated by their views of the past.

Simon Ball, 8 mins
An act of bullying sends four children on a journey.

Kashif Boothe, 8 mins
We choose to focus on one thing instead of dealing with everything.

Top Hat
Michael Middleton-Downer, 3 mins
Graham is the nervy Saturday boy at the dry cleaners.

Spinning Heads
Ulla Fudge, 8 mins
Three ages of females whose life in ballet dancing.

Paul Murphy, 14 mins
Two women meet at a bus stop, one introverted…one a loud teenager.

The Wishing Horse
Alexander Darby, 12 mins
First short film by Royal Court Young writer.

Home Economics
Rohan Green, 18 mins
Teenage convict walks out of prison and into the 2011 riots!

In Transit
Marius Smuts, 73 mins
Comedy about Matt, a 20 something daydreamer, and his slightly bonkers housemates including love interest Jess.

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