Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY


6pm – 10.30pm

Beg Me To Be With You
Nicci Preston, 16 mins
A writer in limbo obsesses about a woman.

Chris Cronin, 5 mins
An encounter with a beautiful woman promises to change a young man’s life forever.

The Key To Happiness
Simon Lam, 7 mins
A girl saves a boy who is planning to leap off a bridge.

Mixed Doubles
Tom Collinson, 5 mins
Two couples break up on the same day in the same park.

No Love Lost
Shekhar Bassi, 15 mins
An obsessive stranger threatens a young couple’s illicit relationship.

There She Goes
Reg Noyes, 20 mins
Jasper races to the airport to stop his ex-girlfriend from leaving.

Next Door
Orin Beaton, 13 mins
Will Amy stay with her French partner or move in with her lover Tayo next door?

You Get What You Need
Stuart Parkins, 7 mins
An insurance salesman falls in love.

2 Way
Nick Cohen, 6 mins
A love triangle unravels as a woman doubts her best friends intentions.

Maybe Tomorrow
Emma Pitt, 6 mins
A story of love, loss, and hope.

Dean Leon Anderson, 11 mins
A 17 year old’s first sexual encounter, and her infatuation with a man having a mid life crisis.

Second Wind
Andrew Webber, 20 mins
Five days of marital bliss in return for his signature on the divorce papers.

Burn The Clock
David Tucker, 23 mins
A sex, drink, and drugs story with a twist…the lovers are 70 years old!

Beneath The Tides
Rupert Miles, 20 mins
A beautiful windswept beach and memories of that perfect first kiss.

Love Song: The Triumph & Tragedy Of Tchaikovsky
Ian Woodward, 30 mins
Sensational biopic drama about Tchaikovski’s Romeo & Juliet love theme.

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