Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY


6pm – 10.30pm

A Space Of Our Own
RAF Benevolent Fund, 5 mins
Young people’s
8 – 14, scheme express desire to have their own space.

Peace- A Child’s Dream
Jonnie Dean, 12 mins
A group of young people present their views on World Peace.

Hong Kong: Out Of The Shadows
Sam Wild, 27 mins
The struggles of Hing Kong people to attain full democracy while taking a colourful tour of the city.

Newroz: Between Myth & Reality
Masin Shekarabayani, 29 mins
21 March is New Year for the Kurds, where love, freedom, and nature come together.

Struggling For Recognition
Ioannis Zikidis, 10 mins
Waste pickers speak about the continued fight for their rights in Colombia.

Sierra Leone’s Women Behind Bars
O. Englehart & K. Whitaker, 23 mins
With rare access to the prisons, why female prison rates are soaring in Sierra Leone.

Hidden Voice
Roger Gilbey, 7 mins
Nine out of ten women are victim of abuse in Afghanistan.

The Land Between
David Fedele, 75 mins
An intimate insight into the hidden lives of Sub-Saharan African migrants living in the mountains of northern Morocco. For most, their dream is to enter Europe by jumping a highly-militarized barrier into Melilla, a Spanish enclave on the African continent.

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