Upstairs at the KPH Pub
139 Ladbroke Grove, North Kensington W10 6HJ

Music movies
inc Acid House, Rotten Hill Gang TV, & NY Punkvert

6pm – 10.30pm

Industrious Oak, 6 mins
Sci Fi Film Noir with musician, femme fatale, and the engineer.

(R) evolution
Joe Palermo Noir, 4 mins
Featuring The Woodstock Crew and The Murphy Brothers.

Who Knows
Softwhere, 5 mins
An image conscious man slowly loses his mind.

Night Time
Softwhere, 5 mins
Gothic fantasy music video featuring Meghann Clancy.

Baby Of The Storm
Softwhere, 5 mins
Meghann Clancy charity single in aid of victims of Phillipines typhoon.

Pop Culture
Ben Porro, 4 mins
The rise and fall of a Pop superstar.

It Happened One Day
Rainer Niermann, 10 mins
Tom loses a 5 Euro note with his girlfriends phone number on it.

Bitter Ditty
Paolo Bentazzo, 3 mins
A Jazz song and an abstract dancer.

Like To Party
Paolo Benatazzo, 5 mins
B boy, funk, pop, bebop, belly dance, liquid, robot, and more styles of dancing.

Paolo Benatazzo, 6 mins
Don’t forget to bring chaos into your life.

African Baby
Paolo Benetazzo, 5 mins
Afrobeat in London.

Hip Hop My Release
Simon Raising, 22 mins
The story of three inmates in a Columbian prison and the influence Hip Hop has had on them

Decks, Dance & Videotape
Dominic Wade, 18 mins
England. The 80s. The true story of rave and acid house featuring interviews with The Orb, New Order, and State 808.

Rotten Hill Gang TV
Gary McPherson, 15 mins
An introduction to the local rock and roll TV station run by much loved local stars the Rotten Hill Gang.

Joly McFie, 45 mins
Ex-Portobello resident and Better Badges supremo Joly MacFie, now of Brooklyn, occasionally takes his camera out to shoot the NYC music scene for his Punkcast YouTube channel. The Village Voice has named him "'Best documentarian of New York's indie-rock scene' . A compilation of his more recent efforts, including the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, our own Viv Albertine, Holly Cook, and The Raincoats at the Museum of Modern Art plus rare archive footage of Joe Strummer doing Blitzkrieg Bop.

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