Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY


6pm – 10.30pm

Unearthing The Anglo Saxons
Sharon Woodward, 11 mins
A Saxon sword was buried with its owner and lay underground for 1500 years.

Tanya Loi, 15 mins
Research into the History and Myhology of Kings Cross.

Diana Taylor, 4 mins
A nostalgic look at the North Of England in 1962.

Born To Be Mild
Andy Oxley, 15 mins
A group of men quite content with not setting the world on fire.

Piano Talk
Helen Peeks, 11 mins
The public’s response to the pianos on St Pancras station concourse.

Liquid Lights
Victor Guidini, 4 mins
A bicycle trip around Iceland.

Should The Sun Go Down On Galway Che?
Ger Considine, 9 mins
Che Guevera’s stop over in Clare in 1961 and his links to the West of Ireland.

Sun, Sex, and Socialism
Diana Taylor, 16 mins
The reality of life in Havana behind the tourist tinsel.

Victoria Fiore, 14 mins
A Roma gypsy father fights to win back his young, unwilling son.

The American Adventure
Max Day, 43 mins
In the shadow of the Iraq fiasco, two friends embark on a gonzo odyssey across the USA.

A Personal Journey Inside “Welcome To Sarajevo”
Vesna Orel, 75 mins
Sarajevo after the siege in 1996 and the making of Winterbottom’s “Welcome To Sarajevo”. An insider’s view.

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