Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY


6pm – 10.30pm

Paul Johnson Roja, 23 mins
A missing girl is rumoured to have been taken by a cult.

Abid Khan, 15 mins
A man tries to discover the truth about a crime he may or may have committed.

The Rebel, The Soldier, and The Outcast
Andrew Pegelly, 10 mins
A dark, cautionary Christmas tale based on the story of Cain & Abel.

Merchants Of Quietus
Dula Wilson, 11 mins
Two profiteers of blood and mayhem threaten to plunge the world into apocalyptic darkness.

James Peaty, 8 mins
A story of obsession, jealousy, photography…and murder.

Cassidy, Holborne, Ryder & Slater, 6 mins
In which a man’s Sat Nav begins to take over his destiny.

The Blues Lover
Ery Nzaramba, 18 mins
A woman waiting for her man is haunted by the sound of a saxophone.

J. Trigg & M. Kalisa, 10 mins
Andrew confronts his wife’s lover at a hardware store!

Andrew Dymond, 5 mins
Martial arts film with two gangs in a lock up.

The Receipt
Rainer Niermann, 8 mins
Can Sylvia wear her boyfriend’s gift necklace in front of her husband.

Craig James Moncur, 77 mins
Seclusion, perversion, and self destruction as three addicts cross paths.

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