Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY


6.30pm – 10.30pm

Coeur De Pierre (Santoshmohan Veeranki) 9 mins
A twisted tale of misunderstanding, negligence, and murder. Comedy.

21st (Michael West) 2 mins
Joyous celebrations on a momentous day. Comedy.

Thought Police (Diana Taylor) 2 mins
A man is questioned by Police about his thoughts. Comedy.

Ivanka Goes To London (Marie Stuart) 5 mins
Bulgarian girl gang go to London. Comedy.

Nudinits- Tickled Pink (Sarah Simi) 22 mins
The Nudinits live in Woolly Bush, a village bursting with bare bottoms. The world’s first all knitted animation. Comedy/Animation

Something For You (Elena Dapello) 11 mins
Love at first sight, bad timing, and bakery! Comedy.

The Strange Tale Of Danny D (Declan Taaffe) 3 mins
Danny insists his mum tells him the truth. Comedy.

Pink Velvet Valley (Sebastien Petretti) 5 mins
Alec Calan is facing a bad case of Ray Ban addiction. Comedy.

Goldfish (Patrick Taylor) 4 mins
1950. Historical events catch up with a famous war photographer. Comedy.

Taking Chances (Elena Dapello) Comedy
You don’t know what you like until you try it. Comedy.

The Mating Game (James P Weatherall) 8 mins
Bored couple engage in a series of bizarre games. Comedy.

Geoffrey’s Belt (Tom Bacon) 14 mins
The true romance of a woman and the husband who loves her tarring Nick Moran. Comedy.

Sarah’s (Hopefully) Wonderful Wedding (Adam Ezagouri) 10 mins
A comedic clash of cultures. Comedy.

Dreamer (Valentina Gordeeva) 5 mins
A spoiled woman fantasizes about killing her husband. Comedy.

The Question (Lucero & Tarbox) 9 mins
Ageing football firms decide on a different way to settle their differences. Comedy.

Wrong Number (Peter Tickler) 17 mins
A phone call to the local Indian restaurant results in a life changing opportunity. Comedy.

Two Dosas (Sarmad Masud) 15 mins
A date in an Indian restaurant goes off menu. Comedy

Putting On The Dish (Fairbairn & Eccleston) 7 mins
London 1962. Two strangers strike up a conversation in gay polari. Comedy
Let Nothing You Dismay (Rosie Orr) 15 mins
Nuking untold millions isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Comedy.

Dark_Net (Tom Marshall) Comedy
Alan sources a highly trained assassin on the internet. Comedy.

Aleeza And Harriet (Sadia Saeed) 19 mins
Aleeza needs help with anger management. Comedy.

Zip –Code (Worth & Frank) 39 mins
The Simpsons meet The Inbetweeners & American Pie. A film made with no money. Comedy.

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