Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY

London Film Makers Convention1 (Best Of Latest London Film)

6.30pm – 10.30pm

Ponders End (Kieron Clark) 5 mins
A short film about love, death, and property. Drama.

Incognito (Jeremiah Quinn) 12 mins
Two men meet for a last coffee in Buenos Aires 1960. Drama.

Two Days Later (Michael Lemarechal) 10 mins
A sexual assault on a university student casts a shadow over the campus. Drama.

Leap Of Faith
(Dominic Ryan) 13 mins
How wonderful life can be if you let go and take a leap of faith into the unknown. Drama.

Lashes (Christine Sherwood) 20 mins
A day in the life of 16 year old Ashley. Drama.

When The Earth Fell Down (Eddie Saint John) 6 mins.
A blind man wakes in the aftermath of a global environmental catstrophe. Drama.

Aspire (Stuart Parkins) 6 mins
Louise longs to be like Emma. Drama.

Catkins (Alexander Darby) 9 mins
Mark has a fight with his wife and goes back to live with his parents in the country. Drama.

Stay (Joe Cottrell-Boyce) 4 mins
A father comes to terms with a death in the family. Drama.

Beverley (Alexander Thomas) 25 mins
A mixed race girl struggles to carve out a sense of identity in 1980s Leicester. Drama.

Flinch (Tom Bacon) 15 mins
Carl and Emily mark the birthday of their missing son. Drama.

Dragged Back Down (Stuart Parkins) 7 mins
A petty criminal embarks on one last job before going straight. Drama.

Dorothea (Savvas Stavrou) 15 mins
A photographer finds herself facing a deeper and unsettling desire. Drama.

The Box (Deva Palmer) 15 mins
Homeless Joe beds down in middle class Angela’s courtyard. Drama.

Remains (Jessica Lurel) 16 mins
Eva inherits the task of scattering her mother’s ashes. Drama.

Face Yourself (Amancay Montes) 10 mins
Frank and Jay hide an awful secret from each other. Drama.

Fear (Omer Kula) 14 mins
Tracy is an antisocial woman. Drama

Soror (James Webber) 24 mins
The close relationship of two half sisters. Drama.

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