139 Ladbroke Grove W10 6HJ

Portobello Programme 2016

6pm - 7pm

Heroes Without capes Lia Beltrami 52 minutes U
After forty years, surgeon Carlo Spagnolli returns to Uganda to visit the place where he started his career: two hospitals founded and still continued by courageous men and women, heroes 9without capes) in a countrywhich suffered dictatorship, gurerrilla and ebola but where, thanks to these heroes, a burst of hope can still be found. Documentary Italy

The Cops Don’t Know Sam Chegini 7 minutes 12A
After decades racism is still an issue and Police brutality is among the top trending news in the world today. Every single day African-Americans may loose their lives in the hands of the Police for no reason.... Sir Lenny Henry takes you to a sad but true world of injustice that we are facing today. Keep your eyes open, listern to the story and judge for yourself, what’s going on.... Music Video Iran


Grand Opening Party

7pm – 10.30pm

Ilia (Louis Chan) 10mins
An Iranian Londoner uses football to help a forgotten community of Afghan refugees living in Tehran. Documentary

The Republic Of Frestonia (Rob Kerr) 11 mins
The unlikely true story of a community of Notting Dale W10 squatters who, faced with eviction, retaliated in a way that inspired the world. Documentary

Floating Anarchy (Hayley Allerdyce) 30 mins
The story of Frestonian band Here & Now, their free tours, their bus, Stonehenge, mentor Daevid Allen, and the whole free festival philosophy. Documentary.

The Ladder (Marc Lucero) 5 mins
Looking at the difficulties facing young urban professionals, Matt & Cat, hoping to get on the housing ladder. Comedy

Albert (Miranda Howard-Williams) 12 mins
Heartwarmig story about the innocence of childhood and fear of the unknown. Starring Jason Fleming and Jo Joyner. Drama.

Notting Hill Carnival: Who Started It? (Dominic Asbridge & Wyn Baptiste) 30 mins
Wyn Baptiste grew up believing his Dad, Selwyn, a Trinidadian steel pan player, was the man who started Carnival. But the truth isn’t quite that simple. Documentary
I Am Sorry Teodor Kuhn 17 minutes 12A
15-year old Patrick has made a fatal mistake. his bad conscience pushes him away from his loved ones, and Patrick is alone with his guilt. But slowly he realizes, that others are facing problems too. And then, it might not be too late to help. Check the address! Coming Of Age Drama Slovakia

Berceuse (Lullaby) Sarah Quazzani 7 minutes U
Water. Sea. Matrix. Amniotic fluid. I’m looking the glowing red sea. The camera moves on the surface of the water. Impressionistic painting appear. The child is born. Experimental France

Mut ist ein Muskel (Courage is a Muscle) Florian Hoffmann 86 minutes 12A
A journey from Africa to Berlin turns into an unexpected journey from childhood to adulthood. The film centers around Arlette, a 15-year old girl from the Central African Republic who suffered severe injuries during the last war. In Berlin a surgery frees her from her year-long pain.
Feature Length Documentary Switzerland, Germany


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