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2pm – 10pm

Full Throttle III - End Times Renger van den Heuve 43 minutes U
Dutch cult author Geerten meijsing travels through Calabria (Magna Graecia) once more, in the foot steps of George Gissing and Norman Douglas.
Experimental Documentary Holland

Senza di Voi Chiara Cremaschi 52 minutes 15
Chiara has decided to leave Italy. It won’t be the first time someone leaves in her family. Senza di Voi is also the portrait of a generation of Italians born in the 1970s. Documentary France

Le Maroc Lia Beltrami 49 minutes U
“Le Maroc” shows the extraorindinary coextistence between the three main monotheistic religions in Morocco by looking at each religion’s presence in the community in order to show how dialogue is possible, even in a world where fear and violence want to break the bonds between religions. Morocco is the proof that different religions can live together harmoniously, thanks to coexistence and dialogue. Documentary Italy

Angry Buddha Stefan Ludwig 98 minutes U
Janos Oksos is of Romani descent he founded a school in a small Hungarian village with the goal of enabling teenagers from the poorest Romani ghettos to attend unversities. Documentary Austria

From Pizza to Piste Ataxia-Telangiectasa (A-T)
is a rare neurogenerative disease. Filmed during an activity weekend for young adults. Documentary

More Than Just A Mirror (Sharon Woodward) 9 mins
Ritual and magical beliefs of Ancient Britons. Documentary

Zarathustra- Yellow Star (Mazin Sherabayani) 30 mins
Recent atrocities by so called Islamic State have lead to a revival of the ancient Kurdish religion of Zoroastrianism. Documentary

Christine (Belinda Harman) 11 mins
After the London riots, this shows a more positive portrayal of Hackney through the life of Christine. Documentary

Hammer And Mirror (Tim Bishop) 10mins
A naturist photographer reflects on his career while photographing a model on a farm in Essex. Documentary

Barefoot On The Catwalk (Judith Roberta Darko) 13 mins
Model Aaron Miller’s pursuit of success despite the odds thrown at him. Documentary

Drag- A Story Of Two Queens (Ilona Kauna) 11 mins
Experimental docudrama about real life drag queen Silver Summers and fictional character Chris. Documentary

Zombies…We Just Love Them To Death (John Neil Park) 25 mins
Director Park talks to directors and zombies at the UK Festival of Zombie Culture. Documentary

Ogaden- Ethiopia’s Hidden Shame (Graham Peebles) 17 mins
Interviews with victims of military abuse who have fled the Ogaden region of Ethiopia where state terrorism is rife. Documentary

Everything Is Going To Be Alright (Poppie Runa Skold) 7 mins
A 10 day Buddhist Meditation Retreat at Adhisthana, home of the Trivatna Community in Herefordshire. Documentry

The Road Home (Dominic Brown) 53 mins
Film about Benny Wenda: Nobel Prize nominee, musician, activist, human rights activist and leader of West Papua Independence movement. Documentary
Living Without You Anna-Lisa Wickham 17 minutes U
A documentary that delves into the lives of three individuals that are forced to learn how to cope with a void which stemmed from having to live without a person of significance. Documentary Trinidad And Tobago

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