3-5 Thorpe Cl, London W10 5XL

2 Dream and London Film Makers Convention continued

6.30 - 10pm

Found (Sunny Bahia) 12 mins
In the basement of a ruined building a young man struggles to make sense of dream like memories of the past. Horror.

Morphine, Tales & Chickenstock (Jasminka Letzas) 5 mins
London, June 2016. Portrait of a free spirit and three ways of dealing with things.

Guardians (Tom Sawyer) 10 mins
A disgraced TV is struggling with addiction issues. Martha, his biggest fan, hatches a plot to get him back on the show. Comedy.

Latent (Lefteris Parasyris) 13 mins
A night in the life of a London photographer who on impulse goes for a walk. Drama.

Frog Jam (Molly Brown) 2 mins
Frogs are down in the swamp making froggy music. Animation.

Oliver Mega Wolf (Molly Brown) 9 mins
Animated mockumentary about a werewolf living in Croydon. Animation.

Bragging Rights (James Atkins) 8 mins
Three Superhero housemates try to out brag each other. Comedy.

Sebastian (Gavin Irvine) 12 mins
Sister Theresa treasures her parrot Sebastian but disaster strikes when his repertoire becomes a tad too extensive. Comedy.

Catford Jesus (Cass Pennant) 11 mins
Set in London where The Redeemer is a black mini cab driver who saves the soul of a potential candidate for Purgatory. Thriller.

To Dream (Nicole Albarelli) 67 mins
Two self destructive teenagers wont let anything come between their friendship but when dysfunctional family life becomes intolerable, loyalty leads one to make a choice that will change their lives forever. Drama.

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