Maxilla Social Club
2 Maxilla Walk London W10 6NQ

Funky Fast Shorts &
Local Movies

6-10 pm

The Newt Man Of Memory Lane (Jim Dethick) 30 mins
A scheming old man has to face up to his secretive past in orde to uncover the truth about a legendary and dangerous figure known as the next man.

Kenneth’s Story (Sharon Woodward) 10 mins
Kenneth Appel 92 speaks about growing up as a Jewish child in Nazi Germany and how he was rescued by Britain’s Kindertransport programme.

Unmissed (Sammy Simmans) 14 mins
Beata suffers from depression after a move to UK goes astray. She seeks help from strangers who she hopes will have best intentions at heart.

Preparations (Diana Taylor) 3 mins
A Woman prepares for her lover. CONTAINS NUDITY.

Gym Candy (Steven Dorrington) 3 mins
Unmotivated gym goer Wayne faces a dilemma when his personal trainer catches him with contraband.

Off Fleek (Steven Dorrington) 6 mins
Emma suffers cyber bullying and her worst fears come true transforming her appearance!

Scripture Screw Up (Jasmine Lindeman) 3 mins
A skeptical talk show host interviews Jesus Christ.

Fellaz (Paul Blinkhorn) 11 mins
Two barbers lay the past to rest, wrestle with clippers, and understand that men like to look good too.

Washing Dirty Linen In Public & North Kensington Laundry Blues

Constantine Gras presents two films on little known local history by himself and Robin Imray.

Washing Dirty Linen In Public (43 mins)
Women’s activism and labour in North Kensington from laundry to birth control 1860-1970 with drama/filmed performances.

North Kensington Laundry Blues (10 mins)
The campaign to save the Silchester Baths and Wash House 1974.

Millwall, Black & White: A Portrait From The Terraces (Chris Haydon) 60 mins
Told by black and white players and supporters, this documentary challenges existing stereotypes, exploring relationship between fan culture, football club, and neighbourhood in South London.

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