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Sunday 6 August (2-10pm)
Emslie Hornimans Park, Kensal Road, W10
2.00pm: Animation Inc:

"Angry Kid Bone" (Aardman) (Darren Walsh) 5mins Aardman’s new in-depth series looks at the lifestyle and opinions of today’s youth (U). "Pump Action" (Philip Captain) 4’ Vic Vinyl (the inflatable psychopath) has a number of encounters in a familiar setting (U). "Transient Tales" (Connexions) Animated Shorts Dragon Story, The Lost Toys, The Four Oxen, The Pig and the Little Bird, Bebela & Tetela & Football (Gaby Dellal) 10mins A boy dreams of being a footballer (PG)

3.30pm: "Notting Hill" (Richard Curtis) 120mins Romantic comedy set in Portobello Road, starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts (P.G).
6.00pm: Golden Boot Awards:
Selection of the best films from this year’s Portobello Film & Video Festival sponsored by Dr. Martens, presented to the makers of the best new independent film plus JVC camcorders awarded to best new videos.
Cinema Circus Tent:
US and International Film Festival:
Movies submitted from our website
From the US:
"Miss Supreme Queen" (Emily Weissman) 30
mins A relationship triangle gone wrong(15). Set against the backdrop of a teen beauty pageant. "Drought" (Lisa Moncure) 30mins A fight during a drought, both natural and sexual, has terrible consequences (18). "Last Chance" (Bill Boatman) 20mins A girl gets mixed up with a bunch of thieves (15). "Burning Man" (Marc Silver) 60mins A documentary about the Burning Man Festival. (18)
From Japan: "Living Hell" (Shugo Fujii) 90
mins. After a most cruel murder the survivors move in with their relatives & start to reveal their true selves. (18) From Israel: "A Surgeon’s Waltz" (Yaron Bin Nun) 20mins A dancer has her leg amputated by mistake (15). From Spain: "Think About A Game" (Franscisco De Lucas) 30mins A group of friends set up a game that allows them to become any character they wish and to invent the rules as they play the game (15).
From Holland: "The Last Road Trip" (Aaron Coenen) 18
mins Amazing digital animated road trip. (18) & "Observations in Holland" 60mins (Rob Smits & Britta Hosman) Stories of everyday experiences which will hit you at the border between wonder & laughter (PG).
From Yugoslavia: "Coo Coo Cacaachoo" (Olivera Milos Sodorvic) 30
mins. People to whom the basis of any moral concept is non acceptance (18)
From Poland: "Wojaczek" (Lech Majewski) 90
mins. The self-destructive struggle of a Polish poet in the communist era (PG)
From Sweden: "The Look of Love" 10
mins (Lova Hamilton). Girl drinks sheep's brains.
From France: "Cine Camera Club Cannes" (George Rocca) 30
Cinema Circus Tent 2
Drama 2000

2:00 pm "I Society" (Niveen Saleh) 20mins Mental health (15). "Karamii" (Simon Tyszko) 10mins Video of Video (15). "Grow Up" (Richard Marsh) 5mins .Two lovers argue immaturely (U). "The Communal Door" (Ash Mahmood) 20mins Two brothers smash a window under pressure from an irksome neighbour. (PG) "Gangster Kittens" (Ash Mahmood) 30mins A gangster reforms on finding a kitten which he first adopts a kitten and then runs it over (15). "The Tides Of Time" (Neil Johnson) 20mins A lifeline forks a million times at its beginning we see infinite possibilities(U). At its end, just one, "No7" (Terry Williams) 5mins. A neglectful father, an errant husband attempts to heal his relationship with his family by making supper (U). "Lydie Bastien" (Amy Newstead) 10mins The film is based on a true story or is it? (PG). "Take Away" (Andy McCafferty) 5mins Insects devour one another (U). "One-Eyed Chloe & The Eleventh Shot" (Richard Mathews) 10mins Rhidian & Fergus try to snatch a snatch, but it's not a snatch that’s easily snatched (15). "Cream Tea" (Troy Webb) 10mins Two mates from the gutter reach for the stars. (15) "Binary Beef", "Tart" (Osita Aneke/Dadu T-Silassie) 10mins. Travelcard hustlers on the job (15), "Ride From Hell" (Sam Hyer) 10mins (15)

6:00 pm: "Ruffnecks" (Dwight Reid) 60
mins. Based on the lives of street kids living in brooklyn. So-called criminals (15). "Luminoid" 5mins (Alan Denman) A traumatised woman takes a peculiar make ove r(U). "Doce De Leite" (Debora Tenenbaum) 10mins A man is desperate for an icecream, however circumstances and social protocol aren't in his favour(15). "Day Before The Jam" (Saloum N’jie), "Give It Up" (Simon Melbourne) 10mins Reverse of roles from good guy to bad guy. (U). "Bewitched" (Karen Hope) 10mins Ten year old eve confuses fantasy with reality as her parents try to come to terms with her fathers cancer (PG). "The Fight" (John Burns) 5mins Two guys playing cards... but all is not what it seems (U). "Scarred" (Vicki Psarias/Mette Mortensen) 5mins. A voyeuristic insight into a girls emotions post rape (U). "Solid State" (Max Hochrad) 5mins karen suffers an inexplicable black- out and blames a personal compute (U). "2 Flies" (Sanny Overbeeke/Hein Van Liempd) 5mins. A re-definition of context (U). "A Two Minute Film About Relationships" (Leigh Collins) 5’ A young couple in the midst of a special relationship, however there seems to be something darker to it. (PG). "E2 x E4" (Kay Huusicker) 10mins One man’s obsession with chess (15). "Nightmare 3" (Mohssin Faraji) 10mins (U), "Byerace" (Tony Agnew) 30mins The story of Fritz Yannique, an inter racial couple, living in US (PG). "Basketball Killers" (Warren Spencer) Murder Mystery with basketballs & "The Family" 10mins (Raymond Myndiuk) A families dark secret is confronted (U). "Crossroads" (Rosanna Negrotti) 20mins Fiction about the complex nature of relationships. (15). "The Eye Of the Lens" (C.Chaplin-Rueda/Tamela Sainsbury) 5mins A couple come across something suspicious when out for the day.