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Non Stop Video Café
1 -11 August (7-11pm)
Beat Bar, Portobello Road, W11

(Late Entries) Bring Your Own Films plus
Funky Features and Shorts:
1 August 

"Harwood" (Morgan Roberts) 90mins (15), "The Sun King" (Daniel Cardwell) 15mins A tramp states that he will command the sun to rise at night. (PG). "Out of the Blue" (Matt Blandford)15. Drama about the pitfalls of nostalgia (U) "The Turkey" (Pilar Rodriguez Aranda) 10mins . Poem of an impossible love, a witch, and how in a small town, legends are told (15). "Accommodation" 10mins (Paul Synnott) (U), "Upstairs" (Graham Howie) 15mins . A child is left alone to find out why his family has gathered upstairs so suspiciously.(PG). "Belongings" (Richard Barnes) A woman tries to discover the personality of a man through his possessions. "Detonate" (Michael D. Edwards) 5mins Agent Harris must stop the bomb! (15). "Deep Freeze" (Virgina Heath) 15mins Bizarre consequences result when Michelle is left a fridge by her dead father. (15) "The Teen-C Hour" ( Natasha Morris) 30mins Documentary centred around underground music scene in Glasgow. (PG).

2 August
"The Tale of Tuna" (Satashi Watanabe) 120mins A bankrupt ponders his future, "Your Hand That Can’t Touch" (Helen L.Lee) 10mins For millions violence is not even a choice for Barbara, there is not even that.(15) "Pitstop" (Miranda Bowen) 10mins A young woman waits for a bus that never seems to arrive(U) "Mannerexia" (Outi Kinnunen) 10mins. A young woman falls in love with a mannequin. (U) "Square Shaped Fingernails" (Balvinder Mudan) 20mins. A video about the connections we make across nations, seas and generations (U). "A part of me" (Carl Callam) 20mins The experience of a black person growing up outside his biological family in a white environment. (15). "Earth" (Patricia Lalla) 10mins A modern fairytale about a man coping with his grief.(U) "Moo" (Kent Boswell) 10mins A man confronts his problems face to face, but with a twist. (15) talk. "Five Degrees Of Absence" (Ellie O’Sullivan) Five daughters of different ages, races and backgrounds talk honestly of growing up with absent father.(15)
3 August 
"The Devils Feast" (Sharon Wood) 90mins An anarchic energy, drives this film into areas of sex, religion, and politics (15). "Virgin Birth" (Vesna Cudic) 15mins Millennial fears arise when certified virgin is mysteriously impregnated (PG). "Beaten by the Bug" (Pablo Alegre) 10mins A man scared of the end of the world takes refuse during millennium eve.(U) "Weighing it up" (Nigel Perkins) 10mins. A daughter of a chelsea dustman becomes British weight lifting champion (U). "The Island" (Johnny Graham) 20mins. A northern traveller retells an account with a woman, perhaps imagined (PG). "The Man in the Water" (Mark Sturdy) 15mins An isolated fisherman looks after two children (15). "Karate Ruler" (Anthony Disalvo) 15mins The year is 3168, the planet earth is threatened by the planet Olvidan. Karate Ruler comes to the rescue.(U)
7 August
"Laajool" (Aaron South) 90mins. The Earth is apparently invaded by aliens, or is it? (15) "The Continuity Man" (David Flynn) 20’ A man o descends into madness due to obsessive jealousy after continual errors which enter his life (15). "Destructing" (Natasha Morris) 10mins Subjective video art piece exploring emotions and deconstruction of sound (U). "Foreign London" (Laurent Imbert/ Raquel Moran) 20mins The views and lives of some foreigners in London (U). "But Enough About Me" (M. George Stevenson) 30mins. Catherine learns her ex-boss/lover is about to be divorced, but finds in the end the small talk is killing (15).

8 August

"We Love You, John Salt" (Adam Bell) 90mins. Tragi-comedy about a loner in Mike Leigh/Shane meadows style (15). "Macular Degeneration" (Mathias Scolozzi) 60mins. Triggered by his brothers death Saitham is transported to the factory of life and death (15) "Everyone is a Winner Baby" (Paul Daly) 15mins. A group of friends have a reunion where a lottery set up on the birthday boy goes wrong (PG). "Thirst" (Michael D. Edwards) 5mins Pop Promo (U). "He said, She Said" (Michael D. Edwards). 5mins Boy meets girls in a train station somebody falls in love and somebody has their heart broken (U). "The Fallen Earring" (Noel Stevans) 20mins A captivating window into the lives of two women. Sympathy, deceit and a volatile confrontation.(PG). "The Runner" (Dave Slade & Kevin Ward) 5mins The runner enters a surreal and mysterious vicious circle when he sets out to deliver the box. (15)

9 August
"Demon" (Ben Warner) 60mins. Alex's predictable world is thrown into chaos by the emergence of an unimaginable hostile force (U). "Greatness" (Wayne G Saunders) 30mins. Four friends embark on a journey to see one of the greatest legends, Muhamad Ali (U). "The Paradise Light" (James Lancaster) Stream-of-consciousness dreamlike experience of a sleeping head "Now You Exist Now You Don’t" (Ekrem Prahmani) 20mins Documentary footage (U). "In Loving Memory" (Damion Brooks/ Richard Brown) 10mins (15). "The Millennium Light" 10(Helen L. Lee) (U). "Inspector Zucker us Gorgo" (Ian Manthey) 20mins. Inspector Zucker battles his enemy Professor Shatnor with his plans to take over the world (15). "Need to Know by Mylov" (Michael D. Edwards) 5mins Pop promo for Mylov(U), "Bournville Revisited - Millennium Revenge" (Richard Mkoloma), "Go In" (Peter Westenberg) (15) The portrait of a large traffic function in the city of Rotterdam.(U) "Politics" (Deane Thomas) 5’ Jo Bude wants to be your MP(15) "Four Eyes" (Akioba Bob-Manuel) 15mins. Exploring the psychological trauma of a victim of bullying. (U)
10 August
"La Sindrome Essenziale" (Piero Paracchini) 60mins. The life of the first man allergic to the electromagnetic waves generated by electronic consumer goods. (15). "Nuclear Zombie Overload" (Oliver Irving) 30mins Comic parody of the horror genre, and a homage to Zombie movies (18). "The Sons of Utopis" (Jorge Torres) 30mins.An experimental documentary that sheds light on the unique lives of the tree people (15). "In Limbo" (Adam Rowley) 10mins. A group of people caught between life and death contemplate their existence (PG). "The Social Club" (Anthony DiSalvo) 20’. A tale of love, money, the mob, the FBI and a 1968 convertible (PG). "Nightshift" (Ayesha Rafaele) 60mins. A woman works the nightshift and makes-up stories about the people she meets(15). "Up and Running" (Bart Hulley) 10mins How to make the most from a minimal budget, small but perfectly formed gem. (PG)
11 August
"Amazing Crap Video.Com" (Robert Hertner) 60mins. Robert Hertner gives a lecture on Texas; reads poetry and sings(U). "Malton Dicken Festival" (Nick Fletcher) 20mins. Documentary about Malton's Dickens (U). "Alzira: A Matriarch tells her story" (Christian De Rezendes) 60mins. A story from Portugal to Northern Rhode Island A film by her grandson (U). "April Snow" 15mins (Andy McCafferty) (15). A drive in the snow. "Death Wish Returns" 5 (Lucy Glyn) Virtual parents try to convince their son to stop playing computer games (PG). "No Future" (Peter Leder) 5mins The turn of the Millenary, quick and hectic (U). "A comet on my ceiling" (Rene Aeberhard) 10mins. The life and death of a comet(15). "Silent Way" A documentary about men who develop breast and their treatment. 10’ (15). "Nightshift-The Making Of" (Jerry Rothwell) 30mins Asians in Birmingham make a drama for Channel Four. (U). "Snow" (Julia Bardsley) 20mins A meditation on deception of the eye and mind.(PG)
12 August Futura 3000:
"Poetry Nite" Dadu-T-Silassie/Gary Owan15’ (U), "Stickly Tape" 10mins (15) "Queens Park Rollers" Osita Aneke 10mins (15), "Goldfish" (Sam Leyton) 15mins A woman slips into dementia and her relationship with her daughter changes into one of dependence (PG). "Oral 1" (Eva Maria Ovin) 10mins. The filmmaker shows us what life can be for someone suffering from an eating disorder (15). "Oral 2" (Eva Maria Ovin) 10mins (15). "Wineflowers" (Jackie Calderwood) 5mins. Mayblossom moves gently in the sunlight of evening (U). Birds sing, flowers can be transformed into wine. "Super 16" (F.Funda Yapan) 10mins. A film about a dress made out of 16mm film (U). "Channelling" (Eva Maria Ovin) 10mins. An exploration into the human nature and mind (U). "The Cocoa Killer" (Bunny Dexter) 30mins. Sabotage in the cocoa groves of Bahia and Brazil has grave consequences for our rain forests (PG) "The invisible Shelly" (Gary Miller) 5mins Paul isolated in the depths of depression... will he find somebody for himself. (PG) "Solitude" (Andrew Staniland) 5mins (PG). "In Love" (Adam Rowley) 5’ Documentary. (15)